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Save the date and join us for GivingToHoosDay 2017! April 12, 2017

Thank you College family your support of the College on the historic 2016 GivingToHoosDay!

GivingToHoosDay 2016 was a huge success and we could not have done it without you. Because of your support, the College raised $460,755 from 1,142 donors to become the #1 school on Grounds for the most gifts to any school. We are incredibly grateful for your commitment to the future success of UVA and of the College.

What is GivingToHoosDay?

On Tuesday, April 12, 2016, UVA will host GivingToHoosDay, a 24-hour online fundraising event to support UVA schools and programs.

We are asking for support from our alumni, parents, and friends to mobilize through social media, share the message of GivingToHoosDay, and to #ChooseTheCollege. There will be a competition among schools for the most donors and the most dollars raised. The College’s goal is to be the leader on Grounds and to show the University community how passionate and committed College alums are to the future success of UVA. For more information about GivingToHoosDay visit

How you to get involved? 

  • Save the date! Mark your calendar for Tuesday, April 12, 2016.
  • Become a digital ambassador for the College before and on GivingToHoosDay:
    • Change your profile picture
    • Share pictures on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter
    • Post messages about GivingToHoosDay and use the #ChooseTheCollege
    • Spread the word to your fellow alums and friends of the College by sharing emails and posting to social media.
  • Follow the College on Twitter @UVA_College, Instagram @UVACollege, and on Facebook. Share our posts and tags us on yours too! Follow UVA on all social media platforms for University-wide information on GivingToHoosDay.
  • Make your GivingToHoosDay gift on April 12th and #ChooseTheCollege! 

Sample social media posts:

  • This #GivingToHoosDay support The College as we work to create the next new way. Learn more and get involved! #ChooseTheCollege
  • Today is the day! #ChooseTheCollege and support UVA on #GivingToHoosDay.
  • Fellow @UVA alums, join me and help spread the word about #GivingToHoosDay and #ChooseTheCollege on April 12, 2016!

Top 5 Reasons to #ChooseTheCollege on April 12:

  • 5. From astronomers to linguists, every student is at home in the College.
  • 4. Housing 10,000+ UVA students, the College is the heart and soul of the University. #ChooseTheCollege.
  • 3. Because graduating from the College means you have a degree in lifelong learning. #ChooseTheCollege.
  • 2. Because if you ask yourself, #WWTJD? You know he’d #ChooseTheCollege.
  • 1. Because 115,000 ’Hoos can’t be wrong. 



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