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A Message from the Dean

A Message from the Dean

What do democracies need from their universities?

This question has animated and inspired me since the summer of 2014 when I began serving as dean, and I think the College’s answer is bold and powerful. Our vision for Arts & Sciences is to help advance a new American enlightenment.

Our founding 200 years ago and our history uniquely link the University of Virginia to the fate of the American republic and to advancing the great, unfinished business of democracy. We are thinking and acting at a Jeffersonian scale of ambition for the flourishing of our students, the nation and the world.

From our newly launched Democracy Initiative and its teaching, research and public engagement mission; to our new Environmental Resilience Institute; to the work of our talented student-researchers; this issue of A&S magazine demonstrates how we are serving the greater good through world-class teaching and discovery, and how our alumni are leading the way.


Buckner W. Clay Dean of Arts & Sciences

Volume 36  |  Number 1  |  SPRING 2018

Published by the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences


Eugene R. Schutt, Jr.
Associate Dean for Development | President, College Foundation


John A. Carfagno
Director of Communications

Art Director

Krista King Ulrich

Managing Editor

Molly Minturn

Contributing Editors

Kennedy Kipps
Vice President of Administration, College Foundation

Jake Perez
Chief Marketing Officer, College Foundation

Copy Editor

Sheila McMillen

Contributing Writers

Anne E. Bromley
Jane Kelly
Matt Kelly
Katie McNally
Caroline Newman
Lorenzo Perez
Fariss Samarrai
Rob Seal

Contributing Photographers

Dan Addison
Molly Angevine
Stacey Evans
Jane Haley
Peggy Harrison
Steve Jurvetson
Douglas Remley
Tomas Sereda
Jan Skowron
Sanjay Suchak

Cover illustration

Christophe Vorlet

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