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A Message from the Dean

A Message from the Dean

Our Guiding Question

It’s important to establish a clear, sustaining purpose—one that is commonly understood—in order to be successful. You may have heard me say before that our work is guided by an animating question: What do democracies need from their universities?

For Arts & Sciences, this question helps us hold our long-term focus, and it helps give us a patient commitment to our everyday work. I hope it helps you—our alumni and friends—understand and engage with your alma mater.

To that end, this issue is centered on two of our most important strategic priorities, the Democracy Initiative and the New College Curriculum. Both in their own ways help A&S create educated and informed citizen leaders. You’ll also see in this issue that UVA’s new president, Jim Ryan, strongly believes in these initiatives, and I’m grateful for his leadership and support.

Whether it’s through the Democracy Initiative, the New College Curriculum, exciting work in brain science, environmental resilience, arts & media, the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, or supporting scholarships and professorships, I hope you will always stay connected to the work of the College in some way. Universities are at their best when their alumni remain engaged.


Buckner W. Clay Dean of Arts & Sciences

Volume 36  |  Number 2  |  fall 2018

Published by the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences


Eugene R. Schutt, Jr.
Associate Dean for Development | President, College Foundation


John A. Carfagno
Director of Communications

Art Director

Krista King Ulrich


Journey Group

Managing Editor

Molly Minturn

Contributing Editors

Jane Hammel, Director of Engagement and Annual Giving, College Foundation
Kennedy Kipps, Vice President of Administration, College Foundation
Evan Kutsko, Director of Videography, College Foundation
Jake Perez, Chief Marketing Officer, College Foundation

Editorial Assistant

Kelli Martin

Copy Editor

Sheila McMillen

Contributing Writers

Matt Kelly
Caroline Kettlewell
Caroline Newman

Contributing Photographers

Dan Addison
Molly Angevine
Erielle Bakkum
Tom Cogill
Jim Daves
Hunter Hall
Matt Riley
Andrew Shurtleff
Sanjay Suchak

Cover illustration

Jacqui Oakley

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