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Peter Armstrong ('06)

Published April 24, 2015 in Friends

Maintaining the Wahoo Spirit in D.C.

As one of the leading volunteers of the College Club in Washington D.C., Peter Armstrong II (CLAS ’06) enjoys preserving the tight-knit social fabric of the University of Virginia by reconnecting passionate young alums who care about supporting the College.

“The College Club activities provide a unique opportunity to network with peers while supporting such an important institution, an institution that in large measure shaped who we are today,” Pete said.

For Pete, his professors in the College played a large part in shaping his experience. Pete, who majored in History with a focus on the southern United States and minored in Biomedical Ethics, considers History professors Ed Ayers and Gary Gallagher his favorite faculty members. 

“Their courses provided the backbone of the liberal arts education, instilling in their students the ability to think critically and to argue forcefully. The ability to communicate clearly one’s ideas is a skill that I developed during their coursework and that I use and improve upon on a daily basis,” he said.

Pete’s appreciation for his liberal arts education inspired him to give back to the College, both with his time and financial resources.

“Supporting the College is an investment in the institution that produces passionate, intelligent, and committed graduates unmatched by other public universities,” he said. “The liberal arts education provides students with the broad educational experience necessary for purposeful vocation and citizenship.”

Due largely to the efforts of Pete and Stewart Ackerly (CLAS '06 LAW '11), membership of the College Club, the young alumni arm of the Benefactors Society, has generated impressive growth. Last year, the College Club of D.C. hosted happy hours, a wine tasting, a reception, and a dinner for young alumni in the area.

Pete also works to advance the College through the Benefactors Society Board, which focuses its efforts on giving Dean Baucom the resources he needs to keep the College strong, year-to-year. His active involvement in various UVA alumni organizations reflects his strong commitment to maintaining the Wahoo spirit after graduation.

“UVa provides an outstanding experience grounded in mutual values, unique character, and the sense of place provided by the built environment of the University,” said Pete. “The College is the centerpiece of that academic and cultural experience.  We share a duty to support the mission of the College and ensure its continued vibrancy for current and future students.”

In addition to stressing the importance of giving back after leaving grounds, Pete offered some more personal advice for the graduating Class of 2015: “travel as much as you can.”


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