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Study Finds One More Element Needed to Make Educational Apps Most Effective

Published December 20, 2016 in News
Educational apps give parents peace of mind. But are they really teaching our children anything? Childhood development researchers at UVA measured what happened when children learned from wooden puzzles and touch screens.

For A&S Drama Professor Mona Kasra’s Students, a New Reality Awaits

Published December 16, 2016 in News
Students in a design technology class studied virtual reality technology and created their own worlds.

A&S Music Instructor Turns Students Loose To Create These Wild New Forms Of Music

Published December 13, 2016 in News
Using synthesizers and digital tools, Peter Bussigel’s students are exploring music in a whole new way.

In Memoriam: Sydney Blair, "The Heart' of UVA's Creative Writing Program

Published December 13, 2016 in News
Blair, a devoted colleague and teacher who guided the English department’s Creative Writing Program to national prominence and taught writing for almost 30 years, died on Dec. 12.

A&S and Engineering Young Alumni Start-Up Opens the Door to Rapid App Creation

Published December 9, 2016 in News
UVA alumni Vincent Ning and Michael Paris are shaking up the app market with a program that lets users build the necessary back-end infrastructure for new apps in a matter of minutes, bypassing months of coding.

A&S Economist Shaping the Future of Public Housing

Published December 7, 2016 in News
Eric Chyn’s research earned national attention and revealed new ways to maximize the impact of one of the government’s largest programs. He starts at UVA next month, ready to continue his research and help others get started.

Chemistry Chair Seeks to ‘Make a Difference’ Across the Board

Published December 7, 2016 in News
“Making a difference” – for undergraduates, grad students and colleagues — is the theme that flows through the career of chemistry department chair W. Dean Harman.

Bringing Theology to Life: UVA Project Keeps Religious Study Grounded

Published December 5, 2016 in News
Charles Marsh founded the Project on Lived Theology, inspired by his own childhood in the Civil Rights era and by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Martin Luther King Jr., Dorothy Day and others whose faith led them to work for justice in their communities.

Bloom, Cox Named Fellows of the World's Largest General Scientific Society

Published December 2, 2016 in News
University of Virginia biologist George Bloom, cell biologist David Brautigan and physicist Brad Cox are 2016 fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Election as an AAAS Fellow is an honor bestowed upon association members by their peers.

#DreamJob: Streaking The Lawn blogger combines law and other sports

Published December 1, 2016 in News

A year out of law school, Brian Leung (Col ’05, Law ’08) says he was working 14- to 16-hour days as a junior associate at a New York firm. Rarely would he get home before midnight. Leung says he realized he needed to find an outlet that involved more than meeting up with friends for drinks after work. “I wanted to do something productive and creative with what little free time I had,” Leung recalls.


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