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Gallup Survey: U.Va. Grads Likely to Thrive in Great Jobs, Great Lives

Published July 7, 2015 in News

By: Caroline Newman / University Communications

In a Gallup survey examining the long-term success of college graduates across the country, University of Virginia alumni surpassed national averages in employment, engagement at work, well-being and attachment to their alma mater. 

The survey included members of 65 graduating classes between 1950 and 2014 from colleges and universities across the country. Among the U.Va. respondents, 85 percent were currently in the workforce, higher than the national average of 79 percent. Additionally, 90 percent were thriving in at least one of the five elements of well-being measured. 

U.Va. alumni were also more likely to agree that the University prepared them well for life after college, with 41 percent strongly agreeing with that statement, as opposed to 29 percent nationally. 

“These survey results demonstrate the profound impact of the distinctive education that U.Va. provides,” said University President Teresa A. Sullivan. “U.Va. students develop strong skills and values that prepare them for success in every facet of life.”

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