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Meet Assistant Professor Francesco Di Plinio

Published March 3, 2017 in Faculty

The recipient of a National Science Foundation grant, Francesco Di Plinio concentrates his research in the areas of harmonic analysis and partial differential equations. In the former area, he focuses on singular integrals with modulation invariance with application, in particular, to pointwise convergence of Fourier series. His research in partial differential equations involves elliptic regularity in non-smooth domains and its application to fluid mechanics, and the asymptotic behavior of dynamical systems arising from thermoviscoelasticity.

Di Plinio has authored or co-authored 15 published research articles, the most recent of which appeared in Journal d’Analyse Mathematique (with Yumeng Ou), Journal of the London Mathematical Society (with Andrei Lerner) and Transactions of the American Mathematical Society (with Christoph Thiele). He was a Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Rome, Tor Vergata and, for the last two academic years, a Tamarkin Assistant Professor at Brown University. Di Plinio obtained his Ph.D. in pure mathematics from Indiana University (2012). His undergraduate studies were completed at Politecnico Di Milano.

At the University of Virginia, he plans to help strengthen and expand the Mathematical Analysis research group, interacting with graduate and undergraduate students, as well as fellow researchers, through regular coursework and learning, research-focused seminars.

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