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Meet Associate Professor Jessica Andruss

Published March 24, 2017 in Faculty

Studying medieval Jewish and Islamic intellectual history, Jessica Andruss focuses on Jewish literature and biblical exegesis written in Arabic, and their connections to both rabbinic and Islamic thought. Her research encompasses the linguistic, literary, historical, and religious dimensions of cultural exchange between Judaism and Islam in the Middle Ages.

In her book-length project, a study of a 10th-century Arabic commentary on the biblical book of Lamentations, Andruss explores the intersections between Jewish and Islamic modes of interpretation, homily, and historical thought.

Andruss earned her Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in 2015. She has master’s degrees in Near Eastern languages and cultures from The Ohio State University, and in religious studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara. At UVA, Andruss will teach courses in Jewish thought and literature, Jewish-Muslim relations, and the history of Jerusalem.

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