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Meet Assistant Professor Sally Pusede

Published August 24, 2015 in Faculty

Department of Environmental Sciences

An atmospheric chemist with broad interests in air quality and climate, Sally Pusede was a postdoctoral fellow at the NASA Langley Research Center before coming to the University of Virginia this year. As part of her research, Pusede has made atmospheric measurements at the Earth’s surface and from onboard aircraft in diverse locations, including polluted cities, agricultural areas, and within forest canopies. She has used these observations to study both the role of reactive nitrogen in chemical oxidation mechanisms and emissions of nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas.

Pusede says she was drawn to teach and conduct research within U.Va.’s Department of Environmental Sciences in part because of the high caliber of faculty and students within the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences.

“As an atmospheric chemist, I am inspired and eager to connect my research to the earth system through collaboration with faculty and students in the very interdisciplinary Department of Environmental Sciences,” Pusede says.

Pusede received her Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley (2014). Her continuing research at the University of Virginia will involve the production of measurements that resolve atmospheric variability in space, capturing trends in chemical gradients within urban and human-influenced environments. Her work aims to improve our understanding of the drivers of emissions and chemistry that cause air pollution and impact the biosphere.

This fall, Pusede is teaching a course titled “Current Topics in Air Quality.”

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