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Why Giving Matters

Every Gift Really Does Make A Difference

The College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences is U.Va.’s largest school and the intellectual heart of the University.

Your support not only keeps U.Va.'s leadership in liberal arts education alive, but it also moves it forward. A gift to the College is not just a vote of confidence in its future, it’s a critical tool for progress in teaching and research at the University.

The generosity of alumni, parents, and friends helps the College educate students according to the ideals of Thomas Jefferson's Academical Village, and it enables them to flourish in their chosen vocations. It sustains faculty and students in the creation of knowledge in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and sciences, and it helps build facilities for a growing student body and research enterprise.

Over the years, as state funding has decreased, your support has proven the critical difference in providing the exceptional experience that empowers our students to succeed and to make the world a better place in their own unique way. Your support provides the margin of excellence. 

Invest Today, See the Impact For Decades

Ian Baucom, the Buckner W. Clay Dean of Arts & Sciences, is overseeing the College's effort to define the core principles of a 21st-century liberal arts education and to deliver on its promise.

A small number of leading public universities are going to lead the way in that effort, and no other institution can match the meaning and significance brought to that mission by U.Va.

This University’s primary objective is to equip students for lives of purposeful vocation and informed, engaged citizenship while simultaneously ensuring that the University itself is a citizen of communities near and far.

To that end, Baucom is leading an ambitious hiring campaign that, in the midst of a generational turnover of esteemed faculty, aims to bring upwards of 200 new faculty to the College in the next five years. With nearly half of the Arts & Sciences faculty projected to be new by 2018-19, Baucom has emphasized the importance of recruiting at the highest level of excellence and of enhancing the faculty’s diversity. Today's faculty hires will drive the College's future – and the lives of generations of students – for the next 10, 20, even 30 years.

Baucom is also guiding the College's efforts to reimagine and revitalize its undergraduate curriculum, working with the faculty to develop creative initiatives in global, digital, and cross-disciplinary studies to name a few. At the same time, he is working to further strengthen the Graduate School.

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